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Have you seen us?!

Friday, July 30th, 2010

We’ve been busy here and are proud to announce that it’s official: Dr. Hedgepeth has made the “big time”!  Some of you may have already seen or heard about it, but she was quoted in the national publication of Woman’s Day Magazine!

You also may see us this weekend in Chapel Hill where we will receive our Breastfeeding Friendly Business Award!  This award “is bestowed if the business has completed one of the three levels of BF friendly behaviors to benefit their clientele.”  Please click on the name of the award above to read more about it in detail.

Another exciting event:  we’ve also applied for the mini-grant from the North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition to hopefully help us complete construction of our lactation room!  This room when finished, will offer a private space for nursing and/or pumping complete with a nursing chair and footstool, a changing table and plenty of breastfeeding friendly literature and information!
Finally as a side note, while on the North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition website you just “might” recognize someone…..yes it’s also official that Heather & her son have also (sort of) made the “big time”!  The NCBFC was looking for new pictures to post on their website so last summer they volunteered to be photographed for consideration.  Well what do you know – they made the cut!  Even though you wouldn’t know it, you can see their picture here.

Oh the benefits of a massage!!

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Sometimes I find it interesting just how LONG it takes us to take care of ourselves!  Aside from employee there is, in no particular order:  parent, spouse, maid, chef, personal shopper, chauffeur, ultimate multi-tasker…..and the list goes on!  This of course comes up because I FINALLY used a gift certificate that I received as a Birthday present (did I mention that was way back in March?!) yesterday.  Granted I was, let’s say “encouraged” by my chiropractor (wink/wink) to get in and get taken care of since I was having pain severe enough to warrant more than the usual need for an adjustment, and frankly I was having trouble catching my breath.  Really?  I needed it to get THAT bad before acting?  Geez…..I can’t say ANYTHING about patients being slack and waiting too long to call!

Anyway, I went to Hands on Health right up the road from the office on Blue Ridge Rd. (  I had an hour long session that was less than “relaxing” since I was there for more intense treatment, but I was intrigued by the changes they have made since my last visit a few ‘ah-hem‘ years ago.  Most people know you can go for deep tissue, injury related issues and I can personally attest to the effectiveness of these treatments.  But they also offer a variety of techniques and treatment styles.  The good news – this week they are offering FREE (one of my favorite words!) 15 minute massages!!!  Apparently you can use it alone or tack it onto a 30 minute visit to get an extra 15 minutes of bliss – NICE.

So I leave you with a reminder to take care of yourself, better than me, and don’t wait too long.  Find someone you’re comfortable with (we have several recommendations in our “links”) and treat yourself – it’s ssssoooo worth it!