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Baking in this heat…..

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

It’s been SO HOT the past few weeks (thank goodness for the break over the past few days of ONLY the upper 80′s!) that it’s almost like we’re in August already!  Despite the increasing mercury and humidity, I’m actually NOT referring to ‘us’ baking but to having some yummy ‘no bake’ treats on hand for these busy summer days!

I have attached a recipe for one of our favorite snacks, Peanut Butter Protein Balls, that are not only good and healthy but kids seem to love them as well!

Stay cool if you can and enjoy!

Spoiled Rotten!

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Truly, I do feel that way!  Some may think it’s because I’m biased (perhaps just a little), but I can honestly say from first hand experience that I do NOT know how women go through their entire pregnancy WITHOUT being adjusted!  Maybe it’s because this is baby number 2 and my body is not where it was to start with the 1st time around, or maybe it’s because I’m 3 years older and chasing a toddler – who knows.  But this time has been much more challenging and generally ‘uncomfortable’.  From pubic symphsis pain to low back and sacral discomfort it’s all been magnified this time.  Whatever the reason, I know that working here has allowed me to be spoiled rotten!

My “ah-ha” moment (and I WORK here!) was about 2 months ago.  I had been getting adjusted on an ‘as needed’ basis.  Sometimes that was once every couple of weeks, sometimes that was a couple of times a week depending on how many times I had been on the floor playing with Hotwheels and Thomas the Train.  My midwives noticed that my blood pressure was a little high and I mentioned it as well as the extreme discomfort I was having sleeping on either side.  I remember having femoral head pain (the extreme, sharp pain in your hip/top of your leg when you’re sleeping on your side) with my 1st, but not that bad and certainly not that soon.  Dr. Hedgepeth says, “Oh, why didn’t you say so”.  Good question.  Needless to say, since she had been working on the regular ‘pregnancy’ issues already she added in the femoral heads as well as working with my Atlas (upper neck) and not only have I been able to sleep better, but my blood pressure has been much more stable as well.  NICE!

I don’t know why I would even act surprised at any of this – it’s what we do here and what she specializes in.  I’ve been through it before, and I talk to people everyday about it, but when you have a chance to truly ‘experience’ it yourself – WOW! So for all you expectant Mom’s out there that think you have to be uncomfortable – THINK AGAIN – there’s a lot that can be done to make your pregnancy much more comfortable and that’s a wonderful thing! – Heather