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Topic of the Week……

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Well it seems the topic of the week in my office has been bowel movements. There I said it, yes bowel movements. Not your average office water cooler discussion material, but then again I don’t have an average office.
So I am taking that as a sign to deliver a public announcement reminder that GI health is important and if you are of a certain age, please have your annual checkup and don’t be too embarrassed to mention it. Sometimes simple additions to your diet such as adding in good fats, like olive oil can be of help, so open the communication lines and get tips from your doctors.
Also, for those of you with young children then you will understand clearly how this topic becomes an everyday subject and one that your emotions and sanity can hinge on until a situation is resolved and things are moving smoothly if you will. That was certainly the case for 3 different sets of parents this week as they brought in their young ones worried about the lack of progress being made with other methods to get things moving. They were wanting so much to help their little ones feel better as anyone is cranky when they haven’t had a BM in 3, 5 and even 7 days like in in the cases I saw this week! Well I am pleased to report that I had a great relaxing effect on those 3 kids if you know what I mean!
So for all you parents out there know that I can be of help for your young ones. It is a matter of checking the alignment in their sacral and lower back areas along with some of the muscle groups attached to those areas.
And for all of us older ones, let’s vow to not be afraid of this topic, but to embrace the fact that it is important no matter your age.

*Posted by Heather for Dr. Hedgepeth