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Friday, December 9th, 2011

But that IS the whole point! I’m talking about the NoseFrida. I’ve had to pull it out for the first time this season to use on my 5 month old. I truly forgot how efficient this thing is! There is a reason why I always give this as a shower gift. I promise that the look on the mom-to-be’s face is always one of awkward intrigue with a hint of disgust. And then I have to tell them, “Trust me, you’ll thank me the first time you’re up all night with a stuffy headed baby that can’t nurse because they can’t breathe. You’ll scramble through until you find this thing and then you’ll LOVE me for giving you such a wonderful device!” So far so good – nobody has been disappointed.

A few helpful hints when baby is stuffy: with EVERY diaper change (and in between when needed), lay baby down and put a few drops of saline solution or breast milk in each nostril. Massage the sinuses, then proceed with the changing process. After baby is clean, dry and happy THEN go ahead and suck their nose. This allows the liquid to sit in there for just a few minutes and breaks everything up, making it much more efficient. Be prepared for your infant to open their eyes wider than you ever imagined they could and not be too thrilled while you’re actually “sucking”, but my experience has always been that baby immediately smiles when you stop because they can FINALLY breathe!

Of course for your convenience, we do have these in stock (Tis the Season!) and ready for you this time of year. I hope this helps!