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Why do kids need chiropractic care?
There are a variety of reasons kids would benefit from chiropractic care, just as in adult cases.  The most common situations change dependent upon the age of the child. Infants and young children usually are seen with concerns of breastfeeding difficulties, torticollis (a tilting of the head to one side), repeat ear fluid build up either before or after tubes, GI issues or fussy/colic like symptoms. Toddlers and older children often require checks after hard falls, or repetitive athletic activities. And once they are in school, the strain of wearing backpacks, poor posture and stress can manifest itself in body aches or headaches at a very young age.

What is a typical visit like?
There will be 45 minutes to an hour allotted for the first visit. This allows for plenty of one on one time with the doctor to take a thorough history, go over an explanation of the treatment and to address any questions.

What is the adjustment like?
Working with infants and children is obviously different than working with any other population and the techniques are modified accordingly. I use a sustained hold to release tensions and increase coordination in the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. This is very gentle without any large moves. I use a pressure similar to that used when testing the top of a pear to check whether it is ripe or not. I work with the child in a variety of positions dependant upon the area of concern. They will lie face up in a neutral position, be placed on their stomach for short periods, sit on their parents lap, or even engage in feeding while being adjusted.

What age can be adjusted?
A person of any age may be checked and adjusted as needed with the proper techniques. I have worked with infants as young as a few hours old up to people in their 90’s.

Is it painful?
I refer to the areas of tension as “yuck” spots that may be annoying to the child if pressed on for very long. The adjustments are very short and always with the child’s comfort in mind. Every child responds differently as to whether they sleep through the adjustment or whether they seem to wiggle around a bit. Most infants simply lay there or just wiggle around as infants normally do when placed on their backs. Toddlers tend to move around a bit more and I will bob and weave with them as needed whether on a parents lap or leaving them to play on the floor with toys while I bend down and work on them. I will always take both the child and the parents’ comfort into consideration when providing treatments and the parents are always present.

Are parents allowed in the treatment room?
Absolutely!  Parents are continuously present through any treatment at my office.

How many treatments are needed?
Children respond quickly to chiropractic care and the visits are can range from about 5 to 10 in most cases. Each case is very unique and the care plan will be matched to the specific needs of that child in order to reach their potential to reach maximum treatment benefits.

Does insurance cover chiropractic?
Most policies do have chiropractic benefits although each plan is different and therefore must be checked individually. We do encourage patients to contact their insurance company in advance to verify coverage. AT that time, you will also be able to determine if there are any specific requirements or notifications needed prior to treatment. In order to provide you with the most accurate information, your coverage and benefit specifics will also be verified by our office on your first visit as well.

Are there any home exercises or ergonomic tips given to the parents?
Oh yes, there will be homework in many cases. Dr. Hedgepeth will give home assignments or tips for the parents (on positioning, lymphatic drainage massage, gas massage and so on) whenever applicable and beneficial. The Doctor’s goal is to achieve maximum treatment benefits for the child while striving to consider their comfort and the complete education of the process for their family.

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