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What are the most Common Pregnancy Complaints that Benefit from Chiropractic Care?
Low Back pain, Sciatica, Malposition of fetus/Breech position, Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction and pain, Mid Back and Neck tension, Headaches, Pelvic Alignment

What is the adjustment like during pregnancy?
Care is used to make sure the mother to be is as comfortable as possible. Special tables are used that can be moved and maneuvered to create open spaces where the mother and her beautiful belly can fit with no direct pressure to the baby. Most women find the tables very comfortable and often ask if they can stay and take a nap on them!
While lying on the table the doctor can then work on you in a neutral position without applying any torque to the pelvis using modified, gentle hands on techniques to address the joints, muscles and ligaments. Specific to pregnancy, Dr. Hedgepeth will address the round ligaments and pubic symphysis bones as needed in particular cases.

Are there certain stretches or exercises that will help also?
Yes and the specific ones most beneficial to you will be reviewed by Dr. Hedgepeth.  Homecare is a big part of her treatment plans.

What does Diplomate mean?
Dr. Hedgepeth has completed a rigorous post doctorate chiropractic training program specifically for pregnancy and pediatrics. It involved approximately 3.5 years of training along with a three day written, oral and practical exam. All of this additional training means that the doctor is well versed in the challenges that face women and children and has a great passion for helping these special groups.

Will your office take x-rays?
Not at this office and for sure not during this time of pregnancy!

Do I need a referral?
Very often we receive them directly from many of the local OB/GYN or Midwife offices but usually it is not needed by the insurance company. Please do check your plan individually to make certain.

Does insurance cover this?
Yes. Please see our section “What to expect on your 1st visit” for more details.

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