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Dr. Hedgepeth is a wonderful, caring doctor. I came to her through a friend. I came in with lower back pain and she worked with me for weeks to correct my lower back. Because of the treatment I received from Dr. Hedgepeth, my lower back rarely hurts any more. I appreciate all she has done for me and I highly recommend Dr. Hedgepeth to anyone suffering form back pain or muscle stress and needs to have the tension relieved. She will work hard to correct your problem. She also has a great office assistant who will make you feel welcome each and every time you come in. Evelyn is the best. Dr. Hedgepeth is the best Chiropractor in the business and she will always be the one for me.

- Derrick A.

Since coming to Keystone Chiropractic I’m performing better at work, I sleep better at night, and I’m not as stiff and achey. Dr. Hedgepeth is wonderful. I look forward to seeing her and Evelyn.

- Ronda P.

When I first began treatment I was in horrible pain and couldn’t turn my head even an inch to the right without wincing. To my surprise Dr. Hedgepeth showed me that this probably wasn’t due to one particular thing I had done, but years of bad posture and movement. Since that time not only is my pain gone, but I feel more in tune with my body and I’m learning the things that make me feel better and the signs that I’m probably doing something that will make me feel worse. My posture is improving and I feel just generally more healthy!

- Shannon J.

When I first came in I could not walk, stand or sit without severe pain. I basically could not even breath without pain, it was painful to cough or even laugh. I had gone to the medical doctor who gave me a muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory. This did nothing for me, the pain was still there, I was bed bound. My friend recommended his chiropractor and at first I was hesitant to go. But now I am very glad I did. If it wasn’t for the visits to my chiropractor, I would still be in bed.

- Rose M.

Before coming to your office, I was under the care of another chiropractor in town, a large group with a number of partners. Two or three visits under your care did more for me and how my back and neck felt than two years at the other office. In addition, I always felt rushed and herded through the larger office, with the chiropractor spending only a brief moment with me, as patients were stacked up outside his door waiting for care. You and Evelyn both devote an extraordinary amount of time to each patient, yet manage to not delay appointments, or fall behind on the schedule. It’s an amazing combination of efficient care and concern for your patient’s well-being. Keep up the good work!

- Dave p (31)

It started on a beautiful summer morning as I was helping a friend with gardening chores. I cut a small branch from a young tree and gave it a toss. As I did, I felt a sharp pain in my upper right arm. Well, so what? I occasionally feel pain as I’m gardening. It’ll go away. I continued with my chores. After all, I wanted to help my friend. Unfortunately, it didn’t go away. In the following weeks, the pain became more intense, so bad, in fact, I began to avoid movements that were most painful and sometimes caused me to stop breathing momentarily. Finally, I decided this could not continue. But what should I do? I wanted my arm fixed; I didn’t want medication that would mask the pain and cloud my thinking – something that would not solve my problem. So I elected to seek out a chiropractor, largely because I had a very satisfactory treatment in the 1980’s with a chiropractor in another state when I had experienced excruciating neck pain, again of long-standing duration before I sought treatment. I found Dr. Donna Hedgepeth listed on our insurance website and called for an appointment. She scheduled me for October 26, 2003. When she understood the location of my injury and my prior history of neck pain, she recognized there was a connection between the two. After x-rays, she explained what was occurring and began adjusting my back and neck and then working specifically on the muscles in my arm and on improving the greatly diminished range of motion I was experiencing. I continued seeing her weekly through November 4, was away for vacation a couple of weeks, and then resumed weekly treatments through December. It was at this point De. Hedgepeth recommended that I supplement her treatments wit therapeutic massage to work on the soft tissue; she referred me to JoEllen Boggess. I followed her recommendation and found that the two treatments worked very well together and healing progressed quickly. Dr. Hedgepeth reduced the frequency of appointments for us to test how well I progressed, with the option available to return earlier than scheduled if I needed to do so. I have regained full range of motion in my arm, the pain is gone, and I am happy doing gardening chores again as Spring has arrived. I am very happy with the results of Dr. Hedgepeth’s care. I highly recommend the treatment with her. Not only is she a good chiropractic physician; she’s a good teacher regarding what’s happening in your body and a very nice woman.

- Jean D.

In late October 2002, I experienced an unexpected heart attack and had open-heart surgery with six bypasses. From then through mid-2003 I focused on recovery. As my overall condition improved, I became aware of pin in my right shoulder. Inasmuch as I had participated in no strenuous activities to account for the pain that had not been present prior to surgery, I concluded the pain probably resulted from the positioning of my arm during six hours of surgery. I had experienced similar episodes of shoulder pain in the past and on each occasion sought treatment from orthopedists. Typical treatment was several shots of cortisone and physical therapy. Having just experienced a heavy regime of medications and surgery, I wanted another option to resolve this pain. My wife, Jean, had been receiving very successful treatment from Dr. Hedgepeth for a few months, so I decided I would see if Dr. Hedgepeth could treat my shoulder pain. I began treatment in late January 2004 when Dr. Hedgepeth first took x-rays to determine the exact nature of the injury. I also had massage therapy with JoEllen Boggess twice. My shoulder has healed; range of motion has returned to normal; I am experiencing no pain. I join Jean in highly recommending Dr. Hedgepeth, a very good chiropractic physician.

- Derrick D.

After 7 or 8 treatments from Dr. Hedgepeth, I realized that my mental clarity and acuity we DRAMATICALLY improved – in fact, I then realized that I had been mentally “foggy” for years! My vision and hearing became notably better. I was having a horrendous time with my TMJ as my dentist and I were struggling to get a new crown right for my dental alignment. Dr; Hedgepeth’s adjustments were masterful as she got my head, neck, and jaw loose and functioning again. I have had regular and excellent chiropractic adjustments for more than 30 years. I believe that without those treatments, I would be hardly functioning. I began going to Dr. Hedgepeth recently when my regular chiropractor of many years retired. I was fearful of such an important change in my life as my weekly adjustments truly kept me healthy and energetic. Dr. Hedgepeth, however, has provided me with a whole new level of energy, clarity, and flexibility that I hadn’t known for years. I am truly amazed and grateful for Dr. Hedgepeth’s skills and her manner of dealing with patients.

- Betsy H.

I’ve been to many Chiropractic doctors in the last 5 years. I even worked in a Chiropractic office and have seen how other doctors care for their patients. In my opinion no other doctor gives you as much attention and quality care as Dr. Donna Hedgepeth! I refer all of my family and friends to her without hesitation. She has treated my firstborn daughter since she was 2 weeks old! I have total trust in her care and she will always be out family’s Chiropractic doctor!! Thank you Dr. Hedgepeth!

- Heather P.

I am still amazed at the difference competent chiropractic care has made in my life. I had chronic pain in my shoulder - nothing major, just an ache that got sharper from time to time, like when I wore my purse on that side. I'd had it so long I didn't even think about it, didn't even really notice it unless someone saw my involuntary grimace when I shifted or lifted anything and irritated it. Dr. Hedgepeth asked me about it when she witnessed the grimace herself one day, and I even said to her that it was nothing. She talked me into bringing my "nothing" to the office for her to check it out. Well, I won't say it was like magic because I know how much schooling she's had to be able to properly diagnose and work on these kinds of things, but it felt like magic to me. She asked me questions about how I move, eat, sleep and take care of myself and made a few suggestions about how some of the things I was doing might be affecting that area. She showed me some stretches, stretched me a little herself, did some work on me and soon I was actually noticing that I did NOT have pain in that shoulder anymore. I like Dr. Hedgepeth's whole-self approach to health. She helped teach me to take better care of myself, which has led to my better overall physical and mental health.

- Kim E.

I am only 36 but have lived with chronic pain for over 15 years. Dr. Hedgepeth’s treatments have helped me manage that pain and live life the way I want – playing sports with my 2 sons, yard work, furniture refinishing, traveling, hiking the mountains, and so much more. Dr. Hedgepeth also treats my sons, ages 4 and 6, to help with headaches plus allergy, asthma and sinus problems. They both love to come see "Dr. Donna".

- Julie L.

I have a back problem and I have had it all my life. Chiropractic care is the only thing that has helped and Dr. Donna Hedgepeth of Keystone Chiropractic is the only chiropractor I will see now.

- W. Ivey (86)

I have had neck and shoulder pain for over 4 years, since the birth of my 1st child. The strain of mothering – nursing, lifting, cradling, etc. caused a lot of tension and pain for me. Upon my 1st visit with Dr. Hedgepeth, I had relief I haven’t felt in years! It was amazing!

- Jackie C.

All I have to say is that Dr. Donna did what an orthopedic and physical therapist could not.

- Katherine H.

After years of problems with my neck following a car accident, I called Dr. Hedgepeth. I could tell a difference after 2 visits and after 5 visits my neck felt better than it had in a long time. She worked in muscles that had not been worked on before. I can’t believe the difference she has made.

- Virginia M.

After two years of back pain, I made my first appointment with Dr. Hedgepeth. A few visits later and some changes to my daily habits, I saw tremendous results. She always takes the time to find out how the last adjustment affected you and move forward.

- Beth R.

In a little more than 2 months Dr. Donna Hedgepeth has me confident that my back and leg pain will continue to get better with time. I had never been to a chiropractor when I saw Dr. Hedgepeth so I didn’t know what to expect. After a coupe weeks I was in pain and frustrated. That is when I found out Dr. Hedgepeth sympathized with me and actually comforted me by encouraging me to stick with it and allow time to shoe me it would get better – and it has. I have been walking for exercise again after 2 years or more – with no pain. I have also begun hitting golf balls preparing to play golf again after more than 3 years. That is progress for me. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Hedgepeth. She is a caring person and very talented in her profession. I like the fact that she is up front from the beginning – if she cannot help she will send you somewhere she thinks will help. That sold me from the first visit. I am very thankful she could and has helped me. She will get my recommendation to anyone.

- Sharon H.

Dr. Hedgepeth’s expertise in chiropractic has been very beneficial in keeping by upper back, shoulders aligned and flexible. As a professional who relies on the strength of the neck muscles to manipulate a headpointer for computer access, I find it difficult to maintain proper alignment in my upper spine. Dr. Hedgepeth understands the strain this places on my structure and provides excellent care in facilitating pain relief and helping me maintain structural integrity.

- Barton C. (Cutter's Word LLC)

Dr. Donna is amazing. I have been seeing her for five months now for pelvic pain during my second pregnancy. I have also struggled with lower back pain for years and have sought other chiropractic care (two other chiros) with very little results. Five months with Dr. Hedgepeth and I have complete relief from my pelvic pain, but she has also brought me relief for my lower back pain. I only go every 6-8 weeks now. She is amazing and honest. Her office staff is sweet and professional. Visits are more like visiting friends than a medical professional.

- Sissy K.

My reason for seeking out the help of a chiropractor was because I was having tension headaches anywhere from 2 or 3 times a week, rarely but at times sparking migraines. A friend at work mentioned how she was sure that the chiropractor she visited, Dr. Hedgepeth, would be able to help me out. In my mind, I figured that one visit would help a little and that I might be bale to have some of the tension subdued a bit and may even be able to go a day or two without the head and neck aches. Never in a million years, however, would I have guessed the unbelievable success I had after just one visit. Dr. Hedgepeth, who is very knowledgeable in the issue of pain I was experiencing, knew exactly how to correct the problem and was very informative as she went about the process. There was no pain associated with this treatment, but rather an unbelievable pressure release. The pain is completely gone. I feel no tension and pressure at the back of my neck and the upper area of my back. I hope that all who have these problems can come in for a visit and experience the same success I have had. There is no reason to go through life with correctable pain.

- Paul C.

I’ve had migraine headaches for years – sometimes as many as 4 a week. I was unable to work, do things around the house, or enjoy time with my family. I tried all sots of prescription and over the counter medications, diet changes, and other things to get my headaches under control but never got relief until coming to Dr. Hedgepeth. I haven’t had a migraine in weeks! I finally feel like I have my life back!

- Alex R.

My entire family, including my 2 year old son, was involved in a significant car wreck. My husband and I had considerable neck and back pain afterward and we were not sure about our son. Dr. Hedgepeth helped us so much and was able to examine my son for any signs of discomfort. She was absolutely great with him! She was also able to examine and treat me without requiring that I find care for my son. Being able to bring him with me was so very helpful. We found the level of care to be superior and Heather was pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend Keystone Chiropractic to anyone. I am happy to say I am pain free!

- Danielle W.

Keystone Chiropractic, 4615 Western Boulevard, Raleigh, NC 27606 | Phone: 919-851-1010

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