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My son was on some sort of nursing strike and after Dr. Hedgepeth worked her magic he nursed on BOTH SIDES! Thank you for the power of your touch. Very professional AND pro-breastfeeding! P.S. Trace feels he is a better “nurser” because of Dr. Hedgepeth!

-Molly & Trace M. (6mo old at start of treatment)

We learned that his latch problems were most likely a result of an imbalance in his jaw or skull, caused by the plates in his skull not aligning exactly right after birth. He had subtle but visible non-symmetrical ridges in his skull and it made sense to me that if his skull (and therefore jaw) was out of alignment a bit, it would cause him to be a little lopsided in how he used his mouth. I still can’t explain all the details very well, but I am happy to say that after a series of treatments, my son’s latch relaxed quite a bit and my soreness disappeared.

-Kathryn and Benjamin J. (1 mo old at start of treatments)

My 9 week old baby girl was born a strong sucker! As a newborn, she would suck so strong, it hurt to breastfeed. My nipples became instantly sore and raw. Ultimately, I gave up on nursing and resorted to pumping and giving her bottles. I had nursed my other daughter for a year and was extremely sad I wouldn’t be able to do the same with Kiley. I finally took her to see Dr. Hedgepeth when she was 2 weeks old. Dr. Hedgepeth worked with her neck and jaw and was able to ease the tension in her muscles. Kiley’s sucking became less severe and I was able to start nursing again. Today, Kiley is exclusively breastfed! Thank you Dr. Hedgepeth!

-Heather & Kiley P. (2 weeks old at start of treatment)

We brought in our 8 week old daughter at the recommendation of a friend who was helping mom with some breastfeeding challenges. Specifically, our baby only wanted to lay on her back to eat on mom’s left side and would arch her neck and back if mom tried to square her shoulders to the breast. She also had a hard time maintaining a latch. Dr. Hedgepeth released the muscle tension that was causing these behaviors and made other adjustments that made our baby more comfortable in general while she nursed in particular. After 5 visits she was nursing great from both sides. Thanks!

-Leslie & Magnolia T. (7 weeks old at the time of treatment)

Leo was born tongue tied and had NO interest in latching. Our lactation consultant referred us to an ENT who would perform a frenectomy so that he could use his tongue. We were then referred to Dr. Hedgepeth to help teach Leo how to latch properly. Within 3-4 visits I had a baby who wanted to do nothing other than latch! She was informative and available for questions. I felt completely comfortable turning over my 2 ½ week old for treatment. Needless to say, we are believers!

- Elizabeth & Leo G. (2½ weeks old at the time of treatment)

We first brought our son, Daniel, to see Dr. Hedgepeth when he was 2 ½ weeks old. He had torticollis and he was unable to breastfeed effectively. Dr. Hedgepeth explained her treatment plan so that we felt comfortable and confident. After the first visit, Danny was able to take a bottle successfully, which was a big improvement. Over repeat visits over the next few weeks, progress seemed to stall, but Dr. Hedgepeth was supportive and encouraging in reminding me of the goal of getting Danny to nurse which was very important to me. One day, everything seemed to “click”, and I am so glad to be able to have the experience of nursing my baby, for his sake as well as my own. Without Dr. Hedgepeth, we never would have made it to this point. I would recommend her to anyone without reservation.

- Kristen & Daniel S. (2½ weeks old at the time of treatment)

We were destined to meet Dr. Hedgepeth one way or another. When I was 34 weeks pregnant, an ultrasound determined that my baby was showing a breech presentation. My entire birth plan was centered on a natural, drug-free childbirth, so this discovery really threw a wrench in my plan. I immediately began researching ways to possibly turn the baby and stumbled upon Dr. Hedgepeth and chiropractic success with turning babies in utero. However, my situation did not allow me to pursue any alternative avenues because was also determined that my amniotic fluid was low. This caused the baby to be stuck in a breech position unable to move because there simply wasn’t the fluid to do so. So, c-section it was and I delivered a beautiful, healthy baby boy. My next plan was non-negotiable: only breastfeeding and no bottles until he was at least a month old. Let’s just say that I was able to fulfill this plan, but the road was long and hard and I couldn’t have done it without Keystone Chiropractic and Dr. Hedgepeth. From birth, I noticed the shape of my baby’s head and how he always tilted his head to the right, but the doctor’s assured me it was positional, normal, and would correct itself. Our first breastfeeding attempts were very difficult as he had trouble latching on well. My nipples were traumatized very early on which made feedings even more painful. Everyone told me to stick it out for 2 weeks and it would get better, so I just thought what we were going through was normal. Well, two weeks rolled around, nipples were worse than ever, feedings were still taking up to 3 hours and positioning and latch weren’t getting any better…. and my baby began to lose weight. At his 2 week checkup, his pediatrician said it looked like he had an overbite which could explain his nursing difficulties and poor latch and wanted me to supplement. Desperately not wanting to supplement with formula, I reached out to the community. A local La Leche League leader mentioned Dr. Hedgepeth’s success with helping to correct these issues, so I made an appointment immediately. I also enlisted the help of a private lactation consultant and wit was she who mentioned the asymmetry of his head and suggested possible torticollis (which I had suspected). She also highly recommended Dr. Hedgepeth. Dr. Hedgepeth was amazing. She explained everything to us step by step and demonstrated on us first to assure us that the treatments were not painful. I noticed small results after our first visit and was convinced Dr. Hedgepeth was a genius! She was honest and told us it would be a rollercoaster and he would regress, and he did, but he always seemed to nurse better after his treatments. She said there was something about the 5th visit mark and she was right about that too! After 5 visits something clicked and he’s been nursing like a pro ever since. His neck no longer seems tight and tense, he has free range of motion and nurses in any position I desire, and he doesn’t chew anymore while he nurses, but glides instead. The marathon, scream filled nursing sessions are a thing of the past. So it took us 2 weeks longer than most to get on the right track, but I know it would’ve been even longer without the help of Dr. Hedgepeth. After 8 treatments, my baby was released and has remained stable ever since. He is almost 8 weeks old now and is growing beautifully. I am able to give him the greatest gift of all thanks to Dr. Hedgepeth! Raleigh is very fortunate to have such a valuable resource.

- Maria and Daniel S. (2 weeks old at the time of treatment)

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