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I brought my 2 week old into Keystone Chiropractic seeking help with her gas and reflux. Her appointment was at 3:00. I left and within only 24 hours after her first adjustment I saw wonderful results! I had a happier, less gassy and more comfortable baby. Now almost 4 weeks into treatments she is a different baby! This continues to be a wonderful experience and I am so happy to have found Keystone.

-Elizabeth & Holland S. (2 weeks old at time of treatment)

Aimee is most likely ADHD like her brothers. She hadn’t received an official diagnosis yet from her primary care physician as I was trying to find ways to deal with it without medicine. She was extremely difficult to school as she couldn’t focus or sit still. Progress was extremely poor for the time that had gone by. After beginning chiropractic care, I noticed she began to be able to accomplish some schoolwork on her own which she hadn’t done at all before. She seems to be a bit calmer.

-Holly & Aimee K. (5 years old at start of treatment)

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