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I was working 10 hour days on my feet while I was pregnant. Dr. Hedgepeth’s care was my saving grace that allowed me to continue working. She was easily able to accommodate my expanding belly as the months went by, and she gave me stretches and exercises to care for my changing body as my weight kept growing and shifting through the pregnancy. I got a lot of comments from people amazed that I was able to work right up to my delivery, and I know that was largely due to the chiropractic and nutritional care I received from Dr. Hedgepeth, her devotion to the whole person is especially helpful during pregnancy, when there is not only one, but two whole people to care for in one body. I delivered a healthy, perfect 10 pound baby, and Dr. Hedgepeth has continued to help keep us both well.

- Kim E.

Before I came in, I was completely miserable. I was pregnant, I couldn’t sleep at all because my neck hurt so much, and even sitting at my desk at work was a painful task. I wasn’t even sure if it was safe for my baby if I came to a chiropractor. (her OB said it was safe). I’m so glad I stumbled upon Dr. Hedgepeth! I’m back to myself, I’m sleeping, and she’s taken extra steps to ensure my comfort because I’m pregnant. What a relief!

- Angels S.

I have had neck and shoulder pain for over 4 years, since the birth of my 1st child. The strain of mothering – nursing, lifting, cradling, etc. caused a lot of tension and pain for me. Upon my 1st visit with Dr. Hedgepeth, I had relief I haven’t felt in years! It was amazing!

- Jackie C.

I am amazed at the difference that Chiropractic has made with what I was told by my friends and family were “normal aches of pregnancy”. My OB referred me to Dr. Hedgepeth for round ligament pain and pulling as well as pressure in my hips and low back (occasionally shooting down my leg). After just a few visits the leg pain was completely gone and the other aches and pulls were so much better also. It has helped me so much that I am looking forward to my visits through the rest of my pregnancy!

- Susan S.

Simply Amazing!! Dr. Hedgepeth at Keystone Chiropractic did wonders for my back and quality of life. At 30 weeks of pregnancy, I started experiencing middle and lower back pain. After explaining this persistent and unbearable pain to my OB/GYN office they offered narcotics (at which I refused) and Physical Therapy. I tried the PT for a few weeks and not only did I not get relief, I got inflammation, a belt that is most times uncomfortable and a false approach to care. After returning to my OB/GYN office and demanding to be induced to be free of my now completely unbearable back pain, they recommended Dr. Hedgepeth at Keystone Chiropractic. In just after 4 visits of adjustments, I can now sleep at night, get relief during the day and have a glorious last 3 weeks of pregnancy. I’m grateful for Dr. Hedgepeth and how she knew exactly what would give me relief. I will continue to be a patient here and refer others. Thanks – A- Million! I can now enjoy my pregnancy.

- Barbara S.

I had what I would consider severe back pain before I came to Dr. Hedgepeth with the pregnancy of my third child, especially in the last trimester. I tried to deal with this pain on my own for a very long time. In the last month in my pregnancy the pain became unbearable for me and I felt I had to do something immediately. At times I would feel like crying during the day or feel so frustrated that I couldn’t do what I needed to do to function during the day to watch my 2 other kids (4 and 2 ½ ) and keep my household in order with meals, laundry, bath time, etc…..So, after coming, being adjusted and given great advice on how to manage this pain, I began to feel so much better. After just a few times coming to be adjusted my “chronic” pain became relieved. The delivery and birth of my child went beautifully. I didn’t tear and hardly had to push! It made my recovery just wonderful. I’m so glad I came to Dr. Hedgepeth.

- Jennifer E.

Approximately a month after having my second child, my back started to get sore. I assumed the pain was related to recovering from a c-section and the lifting of my new baby. However, the pain increased to a level that was completely unmanageable and led me to almost take a trip to the emergency room in the middle of the night. I waited until morning and immediately called Keystone Chiropractic. Dr. Hedgepeth saw me that day outside of her normal office hours to help. I was relieved immediately! The intensity of my back pain was diminished and I was able to walk upright, rather than at a 90 degree angle, after my first appointment. Over the course of several weeks, I visited the office with regularity and my back returned to normal and was pain free there after! I would highly recommend Keystone Chiropractic to any woman with back pain during pregnancy or postpartum. Chiropractic care has been a lifesaver for me and is a great drug-free alternative to obtain back relief for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

- Amanda B.

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